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Meet Mohamed Dakane KARUR

One of the most high-profile Governance, Political, Legal analyst and veteran journalist today, Mohamed Dakane KARUR provides expert analysis of  Governance, Political, Legal current issues in East African countries including Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Uganda, Ethiopia, Eretria, Tanzania and many other countries in Africa. Mohamed is one of the top national analysts in Horn Africa; he is a celebrated media personality. Well known as a Governance, Political, Legal political contributor for K24,Citizen national televisions, FM Radio stations locally in Kenya and international media stations.
With his finger on the pulse of Horn African countries politics, Mohamed has analyses many political and legal issues with many media houses, private and public bodies, governments. As a pillar of modern Horn African countries political, legal and journalism, Mr Karur provides audiences with him take on today’s political, governance, legal environment and the role media plays in all of our lives. Having advised campaigns around the Horn African countries, he quite literally brings a world of experience to the nation’s long-term political landscape. Using historical guideposts, Mohamed provides audiences insights into the what, why and how of today’s hot-button issues. Mr Karur knows first-hand the gravity of today’s current events and the decisions that shape our lives. Using his experience, expertise and insight, Mohamed takes audieis the founder of Modika Communications in the corporate, NGOs and political world advising on communications, political and governance issues and PR and communications strategies. Mohamed has a humorous and engaging style that both informs and entertains. A leading television pundit, he is a vocal leader in the discussion of how to reform policies, fighting for human rights issues, he is also an ambassador of equality and justice.
Professionally, Mr Karur is a trained and qualified Journalist, Public Relation Practitioner, Lawyer and Humanitarian Expert/Consultant, Television and radio analyst. He has worked with many private and public bodies locally, nationally and internationally. Academically, in 1999, He graduated as journalist at Kenya Institutes of Mass Communication in Kenya, later Studied BA (Arts) degree, and postgraduate Dip in law, Postgraduate Dip in legal practice course(LPC) from Birmingham City University in the UK.
He made name from his ground-breaking work where he has done in his journalism, human rights and humanitarian work. He also worked as Journalist in reporting unreported stories about humanitarian’s issues locally, nationally and globally. He also worked with many Media Houses including Nation, Standard Newspapers, established Eastleigh times, managed news agency in Kenya, other International Media Houses. He is best known for his work challenging leaders, local councils, public bodies, private companies, Governments, International Organisations in decisions in the fields of Journalism, human rights, politics, Humanitarian aid and poverty and other issues related to his work. He has managed multinational companies both private corporate and public, locally, national and globally, hold different senior positions in different local, national and International level.
He is more popular, well respected within the top echelons in the Horn of African countries. He is best known for his work challenging governments, local councils, public bodies, private companies, Governments, International Organisations in decisions in the fields of Journalism, human rights, politics, Humanitarian aid and poverty and other issues related to his work.

On communications, he provides strategic guidance to corporate executives in their use of social media, and offers virtual training to companies worldwide. Mr Karur has worked in the field of public relations and strategic communications for the past 17 years, managing the strategy formulation and campaign implementation government, political, academic and business sectors



Modika Communications is an independent consulting firm that specialises in advising global brands, businesses and organisations on reputation, communications and public affairs.

We deliver integrated communications services across international boundaries and a broad range of sectors. We generate awareness, drive change and build brand equity

Our independence, depth of specialist experience, highly skilled practitioners and integrated approach underpin everything we do. We ask the right questions, challenge convention and only create work that we believe in and can be proud of.
We help to ensure that communications is a critical operational asset within organisations by managing reputations and creating business value.
Modika Communications is a full service strategic consultancy, specialising in corporate, media and political communications. We help our clients achieve their objectives by communicating more effectively with customers, investors, employees, policy-makers, regulators and the wider public.

We work with a diverse range of clients. From our heritage in financial and professional services we have diversified to work across sectors resulting in clients ranging from governments to some of the world’s leading consumer brands.
And our clients trust us to meet every one of their communications challenges, whether that’s tackling complex regulatory and policy issues or creating high impact campaigns to change customer or employee behaviour.
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